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older couple arm and arn Silent Stroke Symptoms

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Noticeable signs, such as slurred speech or sudden vision problems, usually accompany having a stroke. However, silent strokes can be much more difficult to notice. Silent strokes increase the risk of progressive brain damage, it’s important to be familiar with possible symptoms. Stroke vs. Silent Stroke A stroke happens when blood flow to certain parts […]

elderly woman with back pain Ways to Relieve Back Pain

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Back pain can arise from many medical conditions. It can also be attributable to lifestyle factors including habits, posture, and weight. Whatever the source, back pain is a serious problem. Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce back pain on your own. Through certain techniques, it becomes possible to manage the pain and […]

woman with knee pain Remedies for Knee Pain

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Knee pain can arise from many sources, and the risk of experiencing it regularly tends to increase with age. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain. However, it can happen at any age as a result of repetitive stress, athletic injuries, or simple overuse. Here’s how to help reduce knee pain […]

boy sitting on a park bench What to do When My Child Suffers from Anxiety?

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A child can feel anxious for many reasons. As a parent, it’s sometimes difficult to know if your child needs help, and if so, how to help. What are some signs that your child is experiencing anxiety? Anxiety is a completely normal feeling of stress, but can turn into a problem if it becomes persistent. […]

woman with back pain The Ins and Outs of Nerve Pain

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Nerve pain can range in causes and severity. The pain can be constant and affect every aspect of your day-to-day life. If left untreated, symptoms could result in serious health conditions. Different Types There are several different causes of nerve pain: Chemical Metabolic Trauma Autoimmune Infection Hereditary conditions Some people’s nerve pain may have a […]

woman with shaky hands Tremors and How to Tackle Them

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What is a Tremor?  A tremor is an involuntary, rhythmic muscle movement that result in shaking in one or more body parts. Tremors can affect the following: Hands Arms Head Vocal cords Legs Torso Many people report experiencing tremors intermittently while others suffer from a consistent, chronic form of involuntary muscle movements. Tremors are more […]

woman suffering from a headache What’s the Difference Between a Headache and a Migraine?

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A migraine causes a headache, but not all headaches are migraines. Here’s the difference and when to seek medical attention. Headaches Headaches can vary from something minor, like a headache that accompanies sinus congestion, to a severe, life-threatening condition like a stroke. The location of the pain may vary and is often diagnostic. For example, […]

woman head down on the floor Three Ways to Ease My Anxiety

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Anxiety can take on many forms, making it difficult for sufferers to achieve feelings of comfort and safety. Anxiety is not comparable to occasional jitters when preparing for a test, speech or meeting. It is a pervasive mental health condition where powerful, irrational worries may have no obvious cause. Anxiety is associated with a wide range […]

woman comforting man How CBD Oil Can Help Your Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is a severe neurological disorder that can result in unpredictable seizures and a variety of other health conditions. Although seizures can affect any part of the body, the source of all symptoms starts in the brain. What Happens to Your Brain During a Seizure? During a seizure, your brain will experience multiple bursts of electricity that can […]

woman checking in on teenager What to do When Someone is Having Seizure?

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A seizure can look scary when witnessed for the first time; they are unpredictable and can often occur in a public place. Being able to know what to do while someone is undergoing a seizure can make a huge difference. Don’t Panic It’s important to know there are different types of seizures. A full-blown seizure […]

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