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Do You Suffer From Chronic Back or Neck Pain?

Upper back pain, lower back pain, and neck pain are among the leading causes of chronic discomfort. Your spine, which runs from your sacrum all the way up to the base of your skull, is comprised of vertebrae and soft discs. The outer structure of your spine protects a bundle of nerves, which sends signals to the rest of your body. Because your spine has such far-reaching functions, discomfort in this area can have significant systemic effects. At Complete Neurological Care in NYC, our back and neck pain doctors and specialists will use our advanced technology to determine the cause of your pain. Then we will recommend the most effective back or neck pain treatment for your needs.

Complete Neurological Care is your number one choice for comprehensive and caring neurological treatment in New York. Our NYC board-certified neurologists are experts in their field with decades of experience treating neurological concerns, including back and neck pain. Our goal is to provide chronic neck and back pain relief quickly, safely, and effectively by utilizing our best diagnostic approaches and implementing our trusted neck and back pain treatment procedures. Schedule an appointment for back and neck pain treatment today.

What Causes Back and Neck Pain?

There are a number of reasons that you may suffer from back or neck pain. In some cases, back pain can be the result of muscle strain. In these instances, rest and time will typically bring about a full recovery. However, in other cases, you may have pain because of chronic inflammation or damage to the spine itself. Common causes of back and neck pain include:

  • Herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spondylolisthesis (tiny spinal fractures)
  • Osteoarthritis

These conditions may themselves result from improper lifting, poor posture, other health conditions, or the simple effects of aging.

Diagnosing Your Pain

Before recommending treatment, our back and neck pain specialists will discover the underlying cause of your pain. A physical examination and a discussion of your symptoms can sometimes provide enough information. X-rays and CT scans can also be helpful. Our chronic pain doctors may also perform an electromyogram (EMG) and nerve conduction study. Nerves control movement by sending electrical signals to your muscles. An EMG will measure electrical activity in muscle tissue. In this way, the test can reveal damage along your spinal cord or on the connecting smaller nerves. This damage is often a telltale sign of a herniated disc or other systemic conditions.

Effective Treatment for Lasting Relief

Neck and back pain treatment is different for each patient. The procedures our chronic pain doctors recommend for you will depend on the location, severity, and cause of your discomfort. In some cases, we may recommend trigger point injections. These tiny knots of contracted muscle can cause significant, radiating pain, especially around your neck. Your back and neck pain doctor will introduce a special anesthetic solution into the trigger point to release muscle tension. Other treatments could include anti-inflammatory medications, antidepressants, physical therapy, muscle relaxants, surgery, and more. Whenever possible, we will begin with a conservative, non-invasive option.

Schedule an appointment today for back and neck pain treatment at Complete Neurological Care, located in Queens, Downtown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Long Island, Upper West Side, the Bronx, and New Jersey. Our expert neurologists are equipped with the skills and technology necessary to diagnose and treat your neurological concerns.

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