Pediatric ADHD Treatment & Medication

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder found in children who have difficulty paying attention or controlling impulsive behavior. The symptoms of ADHD may vary in each child and hence, must be diagnosed by a certified and highly experienced pediatric neurologist.

Signs of diagnosing ADHD in children
The most common signs that may be found in children are –

Treatment and Medication for ADHD in children
As per pediatric neurology experts, the common medications prescribed to children with ADHD symptoms are –

The best way to treat kids with ADHD is through stimulant medications. Most child neurologists believe that stimulant medications are the most secure and highly effective way to relieve the signs of ADHD. These medications help a child focus better and have constant control over their impulsive or overly active behavior. Depending upon the symptoms of ADHD in a child, these stimulants may also be combined with behavior therapy.

There are two forms of stimulant medications –

Parents need to be patient with their children suffering from ADHD. The entire process of ADHD medication, dosage, and schedule may need some time to show their effects on your child.

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