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What to do When My Child Suffers from Anxiety?

A child can feel anxious for many reasons. As a parent, it’s sometimes difficult to know if your child needs help, and if so, how to help.

What are some signs that your child is experiencing anxiety?

Anxiety is a completely normal feeling of stress, but can turn into a problem if it becomes persistent. When anxiousness goes beyond an occasional worry over a difficult test or fitting in at a new school, it can make your child feel overwhelmed and interfere with his or her enjoyment of life.

The following are some signs that your child may be experiencing anxiety:

How can your child’s anxiety create hardships?

If your child is anxious, he or she may feel as though they’re constantly carrying a burden around with them. Relaxing can be difficult, and they can find themselves dreading certain situations or even avoiding them entirely.

Your child can become withdrawn as their anxiety keeps them from fully enjoying their regular activities. You may find yourself talking for your child and keeping him or her out of situations where they may experience anxiety.

How can you help your child with anxiety?

The following tips can guide you in helping your anxious child:

If your child is experiencing anxiety, make an appointment today with Complete Neurological Care to learn about ways to implement a customized treatment plan.

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