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3 Strategies for Managing Peripheral Neuropathy

3 Strategies for Managing Peripheral Neuropathy

When you have peripheral neuropathy, you can be left with serious quality-of-life symptoms that often involve pain and discomfort. Here are some good practices for managing malfunctioning nerves.
May 2nd, 2024
5 Common Migraine Triggers

5 Common Migraine Triggers

Anyone who struggles with migraines understands that the best way to deal with these headaches is to avoid them in the first place. This starts with knowing what can trigger your migraines.
Apr 2nd, 2024
3 Best Practices for Dealing With Sciatica

3 Best Practices for Dealing With Sciatica

A condition like sciatica can have a huge impact on your life as you deal with shooting pain in your back and leg. Here are some tips for getting through sciatica and preventing it from striking again.
Mar 13th, 2024
6 Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease

6 Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease

Many people associate Parkinson’s disease with tremors and shaking, but the condition extends well beyond movement disorders. Here, we look at some of the first symptoms that can develop with Parkinson’s.
Dec 8th, 2023
The Many Faces of SeizuresThe Many Faces of Seizures

The Many Faces of Seizures

When many people think of a seizure, they envision someone lying on the ground and convulsing. While this can, indeed, be the case, this scenario is far from the only way a seizure can present itself.
Nov 10th, 2023
4 Common Sleep DIsorders — And How We Can Help

4 Common Sleep DIsorders — And How We Can Help

Between 50 million and 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder, which means a large percentage of the population is far from well rested. Here’s a look at the most common sleep disorders and how we can treat them.
Sep 2nd, 2023
Should I Be Worried About Fainting?

Should I Be Worried About Fainting?

You or a loved one blacks out for a few seconds, or a few minutes, and you’re wondering whether you should be worried. There are many roads that lead to fainting, and we explore the most common here.
Aug 2nd, 2023
Are Vertigo and Dizziness the Same Thing?

Are Vertigo and Dizziness the Same Thing?

Dizziness and vertigo are terms that are often used interchangeably, but are they truly the same? Not really, and the differences are both subtle and complex. We review some of those differences here.
Jul 5th, 2023
Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Be Avoided?

Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Be Avoided?

Whether you’ve had carpal tunnel syndrome before or you’d simply rather not develop the condition in the first place, there are some steps you can take to help you avoid this form of nerve entrapment.
May 1st, 2023
 6 Signs of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

6 Signs of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

Mental health issues like depression can cast a long shadow over your life, but the change can be gradual, and you may not realize just how trapped you’ve become. Here are six signs you shouldn’t ignore.
Apr 5th, 2023
Helping a Loved One With Memory Loss

Helping a Loved One With Memory Loss

Your loved one’s forgetfulness has turned the corner into memory loss, and you want to learn how to navigate these new waters. Here are some tips that will serve you well as you move forward.
Jan 4th, 2023
Life After a Stroke

Life After a Stroke

By the time you finish reading this paragraph and click on the link, someone in the United States has had a stroke. Life after a stroke, no matter how small, will be different, as you heal from the first and take steps to prevent another.
Dec 7th, 2022

Tremors: A Complex Condition

You push your body to the limits and your muscles tremble afterward. Or you’ve developed a tremor in your hands that’s affecting how well you’re able to function. Tremors are complex and come in many different forms.
Nov 30th, 2022
Help for Neuropathy

Help for Neuropathy

Americans are no strangers to neuropathy, which affects at least 20 million people. The pain, discomfort, and complications that stem from nerve damage can be considerable, which is why you should seek treatment.
Oct 3rd, 2022
Living with Epilepsy

Living with Epilepsy

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with epilepsy and you’re wondering what life will look like moving forward. The good news is that life can be perfectly normal with the right team in your corner.
Aug 1st, 2022
4 Signs Your Tension Headache Is Actually a Migraine

4 Signs Your Tension Headache Is Actually a Migraine

If you’re experiencing head pain, you want to figure out which type so you can get on the road to relief. Here we review four differences between the two most common headaches — migraines and tension headaches.
Jul 1st, 2022
Diagnosing and Managing Dementia: What Every Adult Should Know

Diagnosing and Managing Dementia: What Every Adult Should Know

If you’ve been diagnosed with dementia, your world may be turned upside down. After this diagnosis, it’s important to understand how to manage the condition. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about diagnosing and managing dementia.
Jun 14th, 2022

Pediatric ADHD Treatment & Medication

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder found in children who have difficulty paying attention or controlling impulsive behavior.
Jun 18th, 2021

Are My Shaking Hands a Concern?

As we age, especially past the age of 60 or 65, it seems our hands can shake slightly when we’re trying to perform an action with them. Many people simply associate this with the slackening of the muscles that’s a...
Apr 15th, 2021

Measuring Your Brain’s Electrical Activity

At Complete Neurological Care, we provide a wide range of diagnostic procedures as the first step before treatment. One of those is a mouthful — the electroencephalogram. Here’s more about this important diagnostic tool.
Mar 15th, 2021

The Sciatic Nerve and that Tingling Leg

It may have been a while since you felt as if you were “tingling” with excitement. Maybe it was before a big date when you were in high school. Maybe it was on Christmas morning when you were a little kid.
Feb 14th, 2021

What’s Causing My Fainting Spells?

We’ve all experienced those moments where we stand up too quickly and the world goes black for a moment. We get dizzy and sometimes even pass out.
Nov 15th, 2020

Can IV Therapy Improve My Health?

From treating migraines to boosting your immune system, IV therapy is something more people are turning to in order to improve energy levels, improve chronic fatigue conditions, and even battle depression.
Sep 15th, 2020

Is Your Headache a Pain in the Neck?

There are so many different types of headaches and headache causes that sometimes, people just learn to live with the discomfort, take pills to alleviate what pain they can, and wait for the headache to pass.
Aug 14th, 2020

Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressively disabling neurological disease affecting the central nervous system. MS is an autoimmune disease. Permanent damage to the nervous system is caused when the person’s immune...
Jul 15th, 2020

More than Pills for Neck and Back Pain

If you experience chronic neck or back pain and you are uncomfortable taking a lot of pills to manage your pain, there may be other solutions that are not as invasive as surgery but are more effective than...
Jun 15th, 2020

How Do I Know If It’s a Migraine?

Until you’ve experienced a migraine headache, it can be difficult to know the difference between it and other headaches. But migraines have specific symptoms and treatment protocols that...
Apr 15th, 2020

Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s

Dementia versus Alzheimer’s is confusing, and for good reason. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, dementia is a general term for any type of mental decline that interferes in the daily life...
Mar 15th, 2020

Signs that a Loved One May Have Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition caused by nerve cells breaking down and lowering dopamine levels. This causes tremors, rigidity, and progressively worsening mobility and loss of motor control issues in patients.
Feb 14th, 2020

How Does IV Therapy Help Treat Depression?

Depression is more than just occasionally feeling sad. It is a debilitating mental health condition that leaves people unable to function in their day to day lives. While there are a variety of treatments available,
Jan 15th, 2020

How Do I Know If I Have Vertigo?

Have you ever been on a merry-go-round or played a game that required you to spin around a number of times before doing something?
Dec 15th, 2019

When to Seek Help for Anxiety

Everyone experiences some anxiety, but how do you know when to seek help for anxiety? It can depend on several factors, including how debilitating the anxiety is. What Is Anxiety? Anxiety is a natural response to stress.
Nov 15th, 2019

Can Migraines Lead to Other Neurological Issues

If you have ever experienced a migraine, you’ll know that the extraordinary pain is like no other headache. We’ve had patients come in with migraines who were in so much pain they could not open their eyes,...
Oct 15th, 2019

Symptoms of Essential Tremor

Essential tremor, also called kinetic tremor, is a neurological disorder that causes shaking (tremors) throughout the body. The tremors can affect the hands, face, head, forearms, and other parts of the body,...
Sep 15th, 2019

The Three Types of ADHD

What is ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition that makes it more difficult for sufferers to focus their attention and to control hyperactive behaviors.
Aug 26th, 2019

Benefits of Exercise When Depressed

What Are the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise? Exercise has a variety of mental health benefits. It results in the release of endorphins, which trigger positive sensations throughout the body.
Jun 17th, 2019

Is Parkinson’s Disease Genetic?

What is Parkinson’s Disease? Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the nervous system. It is a progressive condition and causes widespread degeneration within the brain.
May 13th, 2019

Can Panic Attacks Affect My Mental Health?

What is a Panic Attack? A panic attack is an episode characterized by intense fear and related physical symptoms. Most panic attacks subside within 5-15 minutes.
Apr 11th, 2019

Best ADHD Treatment in NYC

Do you fidget and have trouble concentrating? These are two hallmark symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, commonly called ADHD.
Mar 19th, 2019

Migraine vs. Headache

Everyone gets a headache from time to time. Although headaches go away with a little rest and sometimes with the use of medication, there are other kinds of headaches that you should take seriously and see your doctor for treatment.
Mar 10th, 2019

How to Reduce Stress?

Stressors can make our bodies release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. When hormones are frequently released, it can lead to high blood pressure, lowered immune responses, heart attacks, anxiety,...
Feb 26th, 2019

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? A nerve, called the median nerve, runs through the middle of your wrist, from your forearm into the hand palm, through a pathway named the carpal tunnel.
Jan 22nd, 2019

Best Ways to Manage Anxiety

You can greatly improve your quality of life when you learn how to manage your anxiety. Anxiety management is being able to live with your anxiety and still function at your best.
Jan 22nd, 2019

How Do Neurologists Diagnose Dementia?

What Is Dementia? Dementia is a general term that describes a constellation of symptoms affecting cognitive ability. People who suffer from dementia have a variety of different impairments in memory, thinking, ...
Dec 17th, 2018

What to Do If You Have a Concussion?

What Are Concussions? Millions of concussions take place annually in the United States, affecting everyone from kids and teens to adults and seniors. A concussion is a short-term functional brain injury caused by trauma to the head.
Dec 17th, 2018

Treatment for Epilepsy

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by sudden and severe seizures. These episodes are marked by convulsions, sensory disturbance, and potential loss of...
Nov 9th, 2018

Symptoms of Memory Loss

Memory loss affects everyone to one degree or another with age. However, significant memory loss should not be considered a “normal part of aging.”
Nov 9th, 2018

What Are IV Fusion Treatments?

What is the Myers Cocktail? The Myers cocktail is a special combination of vitamins and nutrients that can be introduced directly into the body of a patient through an IV infusion.
Oct 15th, 2018

Symptoms of Neurological Disorders in Children

What Are Neurological Disorders in Children? A neurological disorder is any symptom-producing disorder caused by problems in the brain or nervous system. All these disorders involve the brain, spinal column, or nerves in some way.
Oct 15th, 2018

What Causes Seizures?

With symptoms like shaking, confusion, and loss of consciousness, having a seizure is a frightening experience. If you’ve had a seizure,...
Sep 13th, 2018

Treatments for Muscle Weakness

If you experience muscle weakness, you may chalk it up to being out of shape or just getting older. Sometimes reduced muscle strength is a sign that you overexerted y ourself in a workout or other...
Sep 13th, 2018

Symptoms of Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease is the second most prevalent neurological disorder in the U.S. One million people currently have Parkinson’s and 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.
Aug 17th, 2018

Symptoms of ADHD

If you’ve noticed your child is disruptive and defiant, has trouble concentrating, has difficulties getting along with others, and seems easily distracted, they have ADHD. What Is ADHD?
Jul 20th, 2018

How to Treat Epilepsy

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages. More than 3 million people in the US have epilepsy. What Is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which a person has recurring seizures.
Jul 20th, 2018

How to Have a Stress Free Summer?

Summer is a time of year that many people look forward to, especially if they’re planning a vacation. Keeping stress under control is key to having a fun summer and trip, since chronic stress can have a...
Jun 13th, 2018

What Causes Essential Tremors?

Essential tremors aren’t usually a dangerous condition, but they can worsen over time and make it more difficult for you to complete your daily activities. What Are Essential Tremors?
Jun 13th, 2018

How Botox Injections Help Neurological Disorders

Botox is best known for its ability to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, but it also yields important medical benefits. Regular Botox injections can help with a variety of neurological conditions as well as the pain and...
May 16th, 2018

Memory Loss Treatments

Everyone forgets things from time to time, but you may wonder if your memory loss is normal or if it needs treatment. It’s a common question, especially as people get older.
May 16th, 2018

What Causes Vertigo?

The sudden sensation that the room around you is moving while you’re not is disorienting and alarming. But it is also fairly common and can occur for a number of reasons.
Apr 30th, 2018

Treatments for Alzheimer’s

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you know firsthand the difficulties of living with this devastating condition as either a patient or caregiver.
Apr 23rd, 2018

Are Strokes Genetic?

What Are Strokes? A stroke is a medical emergency characterized by inhibited blood flow within the brain. Brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die off.
Mar 29th, 2018

What is a Muscle Spasm?

We expect our muscles to comply with our every command without giving it a second thought. Whether it’s to get off the sofa and walk to the refrigerator for a snack or train for a marathon,...
Mar 20th, 2018

Ways to Help with Cabin Fever in the Cold

Freezing temperatures. Gloomy, short days and long nights that seem to last an eternity. These normal winter conditions dampen the spirits of even the hardiest souls.
Feb 27th, 2018

How I can Help My Child with Headaches

Like adults, children are not immune from suffering with occasional headaches. In fact, 20% of children are susceptible to tension headaches, while another 5% get migraines.
Feb 23rd, 2018

Can the Cold affect My Headaches?

The onset of cold weather can cause many people to experience more than just a change in the temperature. When a cold front passes through, the barometric pressure drops.
Jan 31st, 2018

5 Ways to Relieve Stress in 2018

Stress is like a small crack in a windshield. If the crack is left unaddressed, its tentacles spread throughout the glass until it completely breaks down. Stress works the same way.
Jan 29th, 2018

Ways to Stay Focused at Work

It’s not always easy to stay focused at work. Your overall health, nutrition, sleep hygiene, and the body’s natural rhythms all influence how tough it is to stay on task.
Dec 29th, 2017

Is ADHD Genetic?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), can affect your child’s home and school life and make things more difficult for him or her. It’s a very common brain disorder,...
Dec 26th, 2017

Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

The holiday season often means indulging in turkey, eggnog, festive cookies, and more. You may also cut back on your fitness routine, or even abandon it entirely as the weather cools.
Nov 20th, 2017

What is a Tension Headache?

When you suffer from frequent headaches, knowing what type you have can help determine the right customized treatment. Tension headaches are among the most common types that occur.
Nov 16th, 2017

What Helps Headaches?

Constant headaches can hinder your quality of life. When you’re in frequent pain, it’s hard to concentrate and stay focused – both at home and at work.
Oct 27th, 2017

What Causes Anxiety?

An anxiety disorder can interfere with your ability to enjoy life. Your body may experience a persistent “fight or flight” response, which can lead to panic attacks.
Oct 24th, 2017

Am I Having a Panic Attack?

Many situations can contribute to panic attacks, even if you have never had one before. An attack can indicate underlying mental health concerns or prolonged stress that should be addressed.
Sep 28th, 2017

5 “Brain” Foods

Protecting your brain with the right foods can help boost your overall productivity. Consider adding one or more of these foods to your regular diet to maintain a healthy brain.
Sep 27th, 2017

Silent Stroke Symptoms

Noticeable signs, such as slurred speech or sudden vision problems, usually accompany having a stroke. However, silent strokes can be much more difficult to notice.
Aug 22nd, 2017

Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain can arise from many medical conditions. It can also be attributable to lifestyle factors including habits, posture, and weight.
Aug 14th, 2017

Remedies for Knee Pain

Knee pain can arise from many sources, and the risk of experiencing it regularly tends to increase with age. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain.
Jul 26th, 2017

What to do When My Child Suffers from Anxiety?

A child can feel anxious for many reasons. As a parent, it’s sometimes difficult to know if your child needs help, and if so, how to help. What are some signs that your child is experiencing anxiety?
Jul 24th, 2017

The Ins and Outs of Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can range in causes and severity. The pain can be constant and affect every aspect of your day-to-day life. If left untreated, symptoms could result in serious health conditions.
Jun 27th, 2017

Tremors and How to Tackle Them

What is a Tremor? A tremor is an involuntary, rhythmic muscle movement that result in shaking in one or more body parts. Tremors can affect the following: Hands Arms Head Vocal cords Legs Torso Many people report experiencing tremors intermittently...
Jun 14th, 2017

What’s the Difference Between a Headache and a Migraine?

A migraine causes a headache, but not all headaches are migraines. Here’s the difference and when to seek medical attention. Headaches Headaches can vary from something minor, like a headache that accompanies sinus congestion,...
May 23rd, 2017

Three Ways to Ease My Anxiety

Anxiety can take on many forms, making it difficult for sufferers to achieve feelings of comfort and safety. Anxiety is not comparable to occasional jitters when preparing for a test, speech or meeting.
May 9th, 2017

How CBD Oil Can Help Your Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a severe neurological disorder that can result in unpredictable seizures and a variety of other health conditions. Although seizures can affect any part of the body, the source of all symptoms starts in the brain.
Apr 24th, 2017

What to do When Someone is Having Seizure?

A seizure can look scary when witnessed for the first time; they are unpredictable and can often occur in a public place. Being able to know what to do while someone is undergoing a seizure can make a huge difference.
Apr 20th, 2017

The Impact of Teenage Drinking on the Brain

Drinking alcohol has long been considered a rite of passage for teenagers. However, emerging research indicates that the teen brain is much more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol than was once believed. Alcohol
Mar 15th, 2017

Bell’s Palsy or Stroke – Which is It?

Bell’s palsy and a stroke differ primarily in their symptoms and what part of the body is affected. If you suffer from Bell’s palsy, you will develop weakness or paralysis over your entire face, whereas a stroke will be confined to the...
Feb 15th, 2017

Signs of Neurological Disorders in Children

Neurological disorders affect the way the brain or nervous system functions with symptoms that vary depending on where the dysfunction occurs. The sooner a neurological disorder is identified, the better it is for your child.
Feb 1st, 2017

Neurology & ADHD: What’s the Connection?

ADHD has long been considered a behavioral disorder. Children diagnosed with this disorder have difficulty with impulse control, often have anger outbursts and have issues with attention, which can be the inability to focus or...
Jan 20th, 2017