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Can a Better Diet Delay Memory Loss?

Diet and nutrition have long been known to affect your health way beyond just giving you basic nutrition. The role of food in the formation, treatment, and avoidance of disease is becoming increasingly well known. Diet is now known to be a huge factor in health, and you can use this to your advantage by eating well to reduce the chances of certain conditions from developing. Neurological health is one area in which eating certain foods or types of nutrients can help slow or stave off potential decline such as memory loss.

How Does Diet Affect My Neurology?

The mechanisms by which foods prevent neurological decline are becoming better understood, and they differ for each food or nutrient. In general, nutrients affect the actual structure of the brain, such as shoring up tissue and helping with blood flow, and that, in turn, facilitates better neurological health. Here’s a brief look at how certain nutrients help you stay sharp.

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